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Think Ahead Thursday ( Which should be on a Wednesday, I reckon).

Welcome to the Smokies where the weather is anything but predictable. I type this on 12/29 when yesterday was 70 degrees. Last year this day everything outdoors was covered with a thick layer of snow. People wanted a white Christmas and they got what they wished for. The first one in decades. Now that brings me to my lesson for the day.

Pre- Pare

  1. make ready for use or consideration

  2. make ready or able to deal with something



  1. a serious unexpected and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

So In our 17 years of owning a STR in the Smokies, not only did we have a Pandemic but we had our first issues with flooding and a snowstorm that would take the power out for 5 days!

Flood! on a Mountain!?!

MMMhMMMM. Seems the Pigeon River turned itself into a lake a couple days last year. This doesn't effect many cabin but this effects plenty of roads leading to your STR.

  1. Make alternate directions NOW. Don't wait to follow google maps around with your finger when the Guest in Route. One good thing about the mountain is there are lots of backroads. Don’t stress! First time for my location in 17 years.

  2. Don’t be a Shaver!…. Prepare a plan for electrical outages. I have to say that SCES does an excellent job of restoring power ASAP. Sevier Co runs on tourism so they realize lots of people are only in town for a couple days to a week. I can not imagine these men and women spending their holiday out on the side of a frozen mountain trying to keep everyone warm and happy. Brings me to “What’s in your go bag?” Some guest May think ahead but I wouldn’t have. Some owners may have thought ahead but I didn’t. 16 years and a snow storm slapped me in the face. Most guest like eating out on vacation. They don’t pack the fridge full for a two day stay that turns into five COLD days. Most cabins have wells, that pumps run on electricity. Thank goodness most cabins have fireplaces. That was one expensive gas bill. Tank was nearly dry by the end of the stay. Maybe I should’ve went into winter, ready??

  3. Pack a Go bag! A tote that’s ready to go with essentials. Like fancy camping :) Glamping if you will.

Feel free to even mail what you find to me and I can deliver. I can even put you something together. I’m putting a new one together now. I’ll share soon.

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