Hi! Amy here :) I have been in the STR market for 17 years. In 2005, my dad and I purchased a “project”. Our very own piece of the Smokies. A tiny 1 Br/2 Ba cabin in Hidden Mtn West. We did leave the cabin with the property management company that it was with for a couple month to fulfill the previous bookings. Using a property management company was a huge mistake for us. Our investment became a company’s investment and we became a number. A couple instances stick out more than others. For example, we saw in our monthly invoice that we had been charged for a leak repair on the kitchen sink. It was itemized and details of the labor and parts gave me no indication the work wasn’t complete. My mistake! I went up the next week to find a big blue bowl catching the water that was leaking under the kitchen sink. The next instance would shortly follow, thus leading me to self-manage at 25. We watched the calendar to find an open date to add some decor. I arrived to a family on vacation. I brought this to the leading property management attention to hear that I signed in a contract to give five days a year for advertising purposes. Even if I did, how many times has this happened without my knowledge??

Don't be a number. Don’t invest in someone else’s dream. Self-managing is rewarding, even if you live across country.

Rick is a problem solver. He excels in industrial maintenance. He has cared for our four properties for the past five years. There isn’t much he can’t do. His drive and customer service set him apart. Due to Covid, Rick lost his position as a plant manager in the corporate world. It was an easy decision to break our on our own and speed up our hopes of growing our short term rental business. That’s brings us to our why! We are parents to Blake, Ashley, Noah, Alyssa, Ben, and Ella. Our children have blessed us making us grandparents to Kayson, Rowan, and Waylon. Family is our everything. They are what keep us striving to be the best humans we can be. These kiddos have grown up in the STR world. We take great pride in our children, as we do work. This was our five year plan. A plan that would allow us to incorporate family time whenever possible. God saw it fit to make it happen a year early. The support has been amazing! Today we spoke to owner #75. We are excited to walk this journey with you! Thanks for keeping us busy!!

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