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Confessions of a STR Owner

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Your investment is only as good as the team you have behind it. It’s true. Your cleaner will save you…. Over and over and over again. Treat them well. They will do light maintenance, they will be the one you grow to count on to make you aware of little issues before they become emergencies. But do we grow to expect to much from our housekeeping? I’m afraid so. We tend to wear them so thin they can‘t do the job they were intended to do. Your house may look awesome from face time, sparkling through a walk through. Is it? Unless you schedule a deep clean routinely then no. Deep cleans can be expensive so we often hold out. A monthly visit can prevent lots of service calls. Things that you won’t see in pictures are often missed until someone goes looking for an issue. Take my own for instance. My cleaner is precious. She works very hard but some issues aren’t hers to take them blame. I had gotten to where I’d go up monthly and hit a few deep clean items a month. Then my husband got very I’ll left me taking care of him 24/7 and for

months we couldn’t leave our home. The water filtration system, the light fixtures, the refrigerator, the time on the huge clock no one can reach. They weren’t overlooked but these jobs were never hers. Had I paid for a deep clean, that different. Busy season, being out of work and needing money meant no time to block dates for a deep clean. These things monthly checks keep from becoming issues. Every person has a camera at their fingertips, every single one. Your cleaner misses a filter? Your kitchen cabinets have became catch alls finding measuring cups broken up into four different drawers? No mixing bowls? Not one pan? Monthly auditing is important. It saves random service calls throughout the month. How are you to know if somethings not in good shape if no one tells you?? When was the last time your fridge was pulled out? Preventative trips are just as important as emergency trips. Let us help you keep your property at its best. With a monthly check we can make sure all problem areas are checked, kitchen is organized and audited, broken or missing items replaced, plumbing is leak free, filters, fire alarms, remote and smart door batteries are all ready to go!! Check to see if that new cleaner is on point and know when to schedule a deep clean before your guests let you know. Share your stress! You focus on your investment. We will stress the small stuff!

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