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Hi! We're the Shavers! In 2021, COVID changed everything for our family. On September 2, 2021 our family was diagnosed with COVID19. Little did we know our lives would soon change. Rick became very ill with  COVID pneumonia and would be home bound for months dependent on home 02. This illness cost him his corporate job and nearly his life. We lost so much income that we were forced to look for new careers. Through a literal dream, A Happy Host, LLC was born.


Hi, I am Amy. A little background, I purchased my first STR in 2005 at 25 years old. It was a project with my late father. There was little STR Support in 2005, this leaving me to learn the basics of STR's to myself. Through decades of experience we are now able to help STR owners thrive and their guests make the best memories in the Smokies!

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Our Story

A Happy Host LLC is a family-owned rental concierge business located in the Great Smoky Mountains. We are dedicated to helping homeowners manage their investments from a distance. Inquire about our projects and see how we can help you manage your rental property.

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